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OK...as is well documented...I am a huge Ronaldo fan, and a very proud portuguese girl! So when you come across a picture like this....one or two tears do well up in my eyes! So. freaking. proud. I'm much more of a Ronaldo supporter then I am a Manchester United fan...but I wanted MAn United to win the premiere league so badly this year...all for Ronaldo! And what a year he had! Well done Manchester United. Well done Cristiano Ronaldo! You deserved it!

He looks so happy! He looks so proud! He looks so portuguese! I. love. it. I was hoping he would come out with a flag! He didn't come out with one, but one eventually found his way to him! And then he tied it around himself like a cape! Oh! Be still my heart! This boy is the death of me!


Ok...so I haven't updated this thing in forever! My bad!

Well, let''s get a quick recap of what's been going on! Well, unfortunately, I am not a professional bum anymore (how sad) but am now working as a admin assistant/accounting assitant/slave for my aunt! It sucks! At least I'm getting paid!

I'm single, going out more then I should be since I'm always exhausted! And more crazy about Cristiano Ronaldo then ever!

Luca my nephew is now 4...and naughtier then ever!!

My sister finally moved out...about damn time I say!

I'm really going to try and update this more often!

Toodles, for now!

Just had to...

SF- Sempre foi sportinguista?

CR- Mentia se dissesse que sim, que sempre foi do Sporting. Quando era miúdo até gostava do Benfica. Hoje, mudei completamente. Passei muitos anos no Sporting e gosto muito do clube. Posso dizer que hoje sou totalmente sportinguista.

Since I adore Cristiano Ronaldo and Sporting Lisbon, this has to be my favourite quote of his...EVER!!!! Granted he answered the question when he was 17, but it makes me happy! For those of you who don't understand, it's Cristiano Ronaldo being interviewed for some magazine when he was younger, and the interviewer asked him if he had always been a sportinguista (Sporting supporter)...he says that when he was younger he supported Benfica(ugh!) but now he is changed completely! He says that is a completely a sportinguista! I find this all very fitting with tonight's happenings as Man United beat Benifca! I mean, I hate them with every fibre of my being but I still want all portuguese sides to do well in Europe, so tonight's result wasn't really what I was interested in! I just wanted Cris to play well...and he did! And in a way I kind of like the fact that the Benfica supporters(idiots) were booing him, coz it probably just made him love Sporting even more!!!!

Another quote I love...

"It will be a pleasure to go back to Portugal, even though I would have preferred to play Sporting," he said

Gosh, how I LOVE this boy!!!!

And then my other all time favourite player(Luis Figo) said this...

"Sporting will always be my club, independent of the fact that I may return to play for them," he added

Don't ya just love it when your two favourite players support the same team as you do!!!! And I don't support Sporting because of them, I've supported Sporting since the day I was born basically! Practically EVERYONE in my family does!


You know what I've come to realise???? I HATE clubs!!!!!! I mean I love to dance, but I REALLY don't enjoying clubbing!!!! I think my hatred mainly stems from the people around you at clubs! I mean, the way girls, younger then me most of them time dress and behave really ticks me off!! And then I'm not interested in guys at clubs because they are only interested in the types of girls that tick me off! Who wants a guy like that? So yeah, I went to a club last night since it's a public holiday today, and the only good thing about it was that it was a portuguese social!! So I got to see lot of my friends and lots of sexy guys and even got to dance to some traditional portuguese music (at a club!lol) but I still always end up leaving irritated!!! I'd much rather go to a movie or dinner or something! OH yeah, and my hair and lothes always STINK of cigarette smoke at the end of the night!!! that is proably the worst thing! Hate cigaretes and cigarette smoke!!!! Ok rant over now! lol...How is everyone else doing??

Since I'm bored!


I would jsut like to say something about this image...

I must have seen this picture hundreds of times, but I never noticed what is written on the shirt!!! I finally pay attention and I get all excited....because it says Soweto!!!!! Soweto is in Johannesburg...I live in Johannesburg!!!!! And I love this man!! So I'm really excited!!! Just though I'd share!!! I found it really exciting, becase you never see things like this!!!!!


Ok, so I have decided that people should be tipsy like all the time!!! I mean people are so much happier when they've downed a few! Some people just take life too seriously...it's depressing
!!! Granted, my recent findings may purely be based on the fact that I right now am a little way passed tipsy and probably firmly on to drunk!!!! And dancing is so much more fun too!!! Anywyas, just thought I'd share!!!!

Hugs, everybody!!!



There are no words...


I. am. bored!!!!!



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